Best Coffee Shops in San Diego

San Diego’s coffee scene is rapidly expanding with more and more cafes and roasters competing to be your go-to spot for your daily pick-me-up. To help you figure out which are the best coffee shops in San Diego, I asked the ever helpful, ever caffeinated community of MeetnGreeters where they like to go to get their cup of jo. Here is what they had to say…


Caffe Calabria

North Park

best coffee shops in san diego


According to Patricia P.: “They have delicious coffee, and they roast their beans on site. They also have really good Italian-style food including sandwiches and pizza. It is a great atmosphere perfect for hanging out.” Let me tell you, Patricia P. knows what she is talking about. This place is good!


Lazy Hummingbird

Ocean Beach

best coffee shops in san diego


Linsday P. gives us an extra tip about her favorite spot, “Order the dirty bird if you go. AMAZING!!” I will seriously vouch for that! Not to mention that their Acai Bowls are delish.


Bump Coffee

Little Italy Farmer’s Mercato


best coffee shops in san diego


Okay, so this one isn’t exactly a coffee shop. You’ll have to stop by their booth at the Little Italy Farmer’s Market on Saturdays or keep an eye out for their new coffee truck around town. But Denise M. makes it sound worth the hunt, “It’s nice to grab a warm cup on cool days or iced cup on the warm days and enjoy being outside. My most recent try was with Bump. The prices seemed better than others and the coffee was great without needing to add any extras. They have an iced mojito coffee that was a different, fun and tasty option!” Um, YUM!


Better Buzz

Various Locations

best coffee shops in san diego


If you haven’t tried Better Buzz yet, you are seriously missing out. This company has exploded over the past few years so finding a location near you should not be difficult. Tanya Young writes, “Better Buzz is my absolute favorite! I go to the one in PB, there is always a HUGE line, but worth the wait!!!!” She’s right!


Chi Chocolat

Liberty Station – Point Loma

best coffee shops in san diego


Zeynep W. “loves” this place. “They serve coffee, fancy chocolates, plus breakfast and lunch. Not sure about dinner? They use real chocolate in their mochas and hot chocolates. Definitely recommend their Mexican Hot Chocolate or their Spiced Mocha. Yum!” I agree with her! There is nothing quite as delicious as the real melty chocolate they scoop into your drink…SO GOOD!!


Cafe Bassam

Banker’s Hill

best coffee shops in san diego

Anna C. does not want us to forget Cafe Bassam. “Love the vintage vibe; feels like a speakeasy. Their iced Mexican Mochas are unreal! Located in Banker’s Hill. Go there!” I think you guys should listen to her!


What’s Are Your Favorite Coffee Shops in San Diego?

So how’d they do? Did your favorite San Diego Coffee Shop make the list? Feel free to add your fav in the the comments or login to MeetnGreet and post your opinions on our community forum.


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