Introducing the MeetnGreet Forum

MeetnGreet is excited to announce the addition of an internet forum to the site! The Forum is a space within the site where you can freely communicate with all of the other MnG users. How cool is that?

Looking for recommendations on where to play tennis or where to score the best fish tacos? Need ideas on what is going on in San Diego this weekend? Trying to find someone that is going to an event you want to check out? Just feel like asking a question to a bunch of local peeps? You can find it all on the MnG Forum. And, if the answers you seek are not on the Forum yet…just post the question and see the answers from your peers roll in.
MeetnGreet Forum


How The Forum Works

All users are able to create new threads which will be seen by the rest of the MnG community. You can also choose to comment on an already established thread. All users involved in the thread will receive email notifications when a new comment is made unless you elect to opt out of the notifications. There is also the option to private message someone if you do not want your comment to be seen by everyone, or if you just want to chat more with someone you find interesting on the Forum. Another option is to add the person to your Contacts list as a reminder to chat them up later. Clicking the person’s name reveals these additional options.

The Forum has been organized by the categories: Upcoming Events, Recommendations, and MnG Interests each with several subcategories. There is also a General section for any topic that doesn’t seem to fit with the rest. You can scroll through the list of trending topics to see what people are discussing, or you can click directly on the category that interests you the most.

MeetnGreet Forum


Why The Forum?

Since the creation of the site in January 2015, MeetnGreet has been on a mission to connect people in San Diego and promote face-to-face interactions. “We created the Forum to make it easier for our users to start conversations with potential new friends,” says co-founder Mary Pat Hastings. “We have found that not everyone is comfortable reaching out to other users individually either by private messages or inviting them to a meetngreet. It is our hope that the Forum helps people get to know one another.”


MeetnGreet Basics

If you are new to MeetnGreet or just need a refresher…MeetnGreet is a free social community that connects people that have similar interests, live nearby and are similar in age and life-stage. Some of the main reasons that people use the site include: changes in location, changes in life-stage, changes in marital/relationship status, or new or existing interests not matching with existing friendships. And some people are just always looking to expand their social circle.

Unlike other social apps, MeetnGreet does not try to connect you with people you already know, however vaguely, nor does it require people to join a certain group to find out information about events. Instead, MeetnGreet is primarily for making new connections and getting out around the local community.

Check out more information HERE.


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