7 Attitude Adjustments for Meeting New People

Meeting new friends as an adult can be tough! But with a few attitude adjustments you might just be ready to find your new besties.

  1. Say Yes to Things

    Avoid the temptation to make Netflix and Hulu your best buddies. Accept invitations from others and go to local events.

  2. Swallow Your Pride

    No you are not the only person in need of new friends. Remembering that there are tons of people out there in your same situation can take some of the pressure off.

  3. Try not to be judgy 

    Things (including people) aren’t always what they seem from the outside.

  4. Make the first move

    Take a deep breath and just go up and talk to someone new. Check out some ideas on how to start a conversation.

  5. Act cool 

    Even if you are feeling awkward and nervous, try to relax and act natural. If all else fails, tell the person you are meeting that you are having a nervous moment and you might open the door to a laugh and conversation.

  6. Keep an Open Mind

    You don’t have to fall in love at first sight with your new friends. Give people a chance to open up. It may take hanging out with someone a few times to see what they are really all about.

  7. Ask people on a friend-date

    If you are gelling with someone you meet, ask them to hang out again. Maybe you bonded over your favorite sports team or your love of running. Plan a time to watch a game together or a spot to meet for your next run. You can do this!

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