Dominate your Post-Move-to-a-New-City-Checklist

After you find the perfect place to live and have all your boxes unpacked you can breath a sigh of relief. But you still have work to do. Follow these tips to make sure you are covering all of your bases in your new city.

  1. Find all the local stuff you will need including grocery store, gas station, bank, Target, watering hole, etc. Google or Apple Maps can help with this. Review sites such as Yelp can come in handy here as well. Try to get some personal recommendations from new co-workers, friends, and/or neighbors. Plus this gives you a conversation starter with people you are just meeting!
  2. If your move takes you to a new state, take a trip to the DMV to register your vehicle and get a new driver’s license. This might not seem that important, but many states have a time period in which you are required to get these changes done. Not doing so can result in extra ticketing and fines if you get pulled over. Be prepared, some states will require you to retake your written driver’s test. Check with your local DMV for more info.
  3. While at the DMV, you can also fill out the paperwork to register to vote in your new area. You can also do this online by clicking here.
  4. Change your mailing address at all your institutions. Use this checklist to make life easier.
  5. Forward your mail through USPS.
  6. Find new health care professionals including a primary doctor and dentist. Check your insurance provider’s website for a list of covered providers. Check HealthGrades or Yelp for reviews. Better yet, ask your local co-workers, friends, and neighbors for their suggestions.
  7. Now it’s time to find your new friends. Easier said than done, but we’ve got you covered. Sign up for where there are hundreds of like-minded, local people waiting to make your acquaintance. You can also read our tips for finding new friends:



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