What if some people
in your community
with your same
chose YOU
to join them
in doing the
things you love...
People were made
to do life together.

meet•n•greet makes it easy to make new friends who are like-minded and who
you’ll enjoy spending time with, whether you are single or part of a couple.


What is meet•n•greet?

meet•n•greet believes that humans were made to be in relationship, and when we have face-to-face interaction with others, relationships are formed that enhance the quality of our lives.

meet•n•greet provides a forum for you (whether an individual or couple) to make “in person” connections with others who share similar interests and hobbies, and who live in your surrounding area.

You will build a “profile” of things you like, including activities, sports, hobbies, and food. You may use a rating scale to indicate how important each thing is to you. meet•n•greet then searches and finds other members in your same area who have similar interests. You may also search for people who share a specific interest, such as cycling. Only people who included cycling as one of their interests will be displayed as “connections.” They will be listed in the order of how much you have in common; not only cycling, but also things such as age and relationship status.

You then have the opportunity to set up a meet•n•greet with as many individuals or couples as you like. You personalize our pre-formatted invitation to include where and when you’ll meet. You may also send a message to any of your “connections,” or you may choose to first see who invites you to a meet•n•greet!

What Personal Info is Shared?

All information is optional, except for your name, address and birthdate. Your address and birthdate are never (ever) shared. And if you’d prefer to only give your last initial instead of entire surname, you may do that.

As far as profile building, you can enter as much or as little information as you’d like. Certainly the more interests you select, the better chance meet•n•greet has of making quality connections for you. Some of your top interests will appear to other members.

The “In-Depth” questions, such as occupation, also help for better quality connections, but your responses are not shared with others.

Does It Cost Money?

No, there is no cost to joining meet•n•greet.  So start making new friends now and — do life together!